Was Zelnorm Taken Off and Is It Back on the Market?

The irritatable intestines syndrome – frustration in the basis of which lay the infringements of sensitivity and impellent activity of intestines, is accompanied by pain in the stomach, lock or diarrhea. Prevalence of disease in the majority of the countries of the world makes 15 – 20 %, and 2/3 of the patients do not address to doctors. The peak of the disease is in the young able-bodied age – 30 – 40 years, at women the disease develops three times more often, than at men. Thus the gastroenteric path is excessively sensitive to many stimuli.

In most cases, patients with a syndrome of the irritable intestine are practically healthy. The doctor at the survey, as a rule, does not reveal any changes.

Zelnorm – a preparation used for short-term treatment of a syndrome of the irritated intestines at women if a leading symptom is contamination. The syndrome of irritable intestines is an infringement of normal work of a large intestine. The symptoms may become pains in the stomach, infringements of a stool, spasms, meteorism, diarrhea. The reason for the disease is not known.

Zelnorm improves a motility of intestines, reduces a pain and discomfort in the field of the stomach, eliminates meteorism and contamination.

Indications to application

The treatment of the diseases and the sensations of discomfort in a stomach, swellings of the stomach and infringements in the work of the digestive path at patients with a syndrome of irritated intestines, which basic symptoms are the pain/discomfort and contaminations.

Who should not accept Zelnorm?

Patients should not accept Zelnorm:
  • At propensity to diarrhea, at presence of diarrhea at the moment of reception of a preparation;
  • At presence of the diseases of the liver or kidneys;
  • At presence of obstructions of intestines, diseases of a gallbladder, adhesive disease.

Whether Zelnorm is safe or not?

It is necessary to remember, that all the medical products represent a potential danger. The FDA approves a preparation if the benefit from the treatment exceeds the risk of development of by-effects. The data received during the postmarketing researches have revealed serious by-effects of Zelnorm – development of diarrhea, ischemia of intestines, ischemic colitis. It is necessary to consult with the doctor before the prescription of a preparation. If during a course of treatment diarrhea, dizziness, faints, pain in the field of the stomach, an impurity of blood in a chair, have developed at you necessarily inform the doctor about it.

Whether a diarrhea, which has arisen at the use of Zelnorm, may have serious consequences?

A diarrhea may lead to decrease of arterial pressure, dizzinesses, faints. Hospitalization may be necessary.

Whether Zelnorm causes an ischemia of intestines and ischemic colitis?

At present it is not known precisely, whether Zelnorm is the reason for ischemia of intestines and ischemic colitis. However, as there are data on the occurrence of these conditions for the patients, who have accepted Zelnorm, FDA prefers to warn about it, that the patients accepting the preparation were attentive to the occurrence of ischemic colitis.

What are other by-effects of Zelnorm?

The most widespread by-effects of Zelnorm are headaches, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness. For more detailed information on by-effects address to the doctor.