Gestanin – Allyloestrenol 5/25mg

Gestanin is a gestagenic preparation, which stimulates the secretory phase in the myometrium, creates conditions for the development of the fertilized ovum. It has a tocolytic effect; reduces the sensitivity of the myometrium to oxytocin. It stimulates the development of acinus of mammary glands, the secretory activity of trophoblasts, development of aldosterone by adrenal glands. It raises deducing of metabolites of placentary steroids and secretion of androgenic gestagen, increases stocks of fat and recycling of glucose, promotes the accumulation of glycogen by a liver, normalizes the functioning of a placenta.

The preparation has an expressed progestative effect (similar to the effect of gestagens – hormones of a yellow body of the ovary) and plays a hormone-replacing role at pregnancy. Gestagens are the female sexual hormones developed by a yellow body of ovary and by cortex of adrenal glands, cause changes in endometrium (an internal layer of a uterus), preparing it to implantation (introduction) of impregnated ovum, provide normal course of pregnancy, reduce contractility of an uterus, especially pregnant, stimulate development of milk-forming departments of mammary glands. The preparation improves secretory activity of trophoblasts (an external layer of cells at a embryo) and reduces development of oxytocinase, increases the discharge of metabolites (products of exchange) of placentary steroids, that normalizes functioning of a placenta, and also stimulates secretion of androgenic progesterone (formation in an organism of a hormone of a yellow body of ovary), promoting preservation of pregnancy.

Indications to application

Habitual and menacing abortion, threat of premature birth.


Hypersensitivity, hepatic insufficiency, congenital hyperbilirubinemia (Gilbert’s, Dubin-Johnson’s and Rotor’s syndromes), thrombophlebitis, thromboembolic complications, infringement of blood circulation in the brain, tumour of dairy and sexual glands, gestosis (in the anamnesis), a herpes (including in the anamnesis), the period of a lactation.

Take carefully. Inflammatory diseases of kidneys, ХСН, decrease in tolerance to glucose.

Collateral actions:

From digestive system: dyspepsia, nausea, cholestatic jaundice. From the nervous system: a headache, depression, insomnia or drowsiness. From urination systems: the holding of a liquid, a dropsical syndrome. Other: thrombophlebitis, thromboembolism, an increase of weight of a body, galactorrhea, swelling of mammary glands, hyperthermia, a decrease of tolerance to glucose. Also, acne rash, increase in weight of a body, cholestatic jaundice, hyperthermia can be marked.