Bio-engineered Supplements and Nutrition Review

BSN (Bio-engineered Supplements and Nutrition) nutrition are currently one of the most popular designers of muscle supplements in the world. Founded in America in 2001 the companies products are currently distributed to over 90 countries around the world. With such amount of widespread exposure, it is easy to understand how the brand has become so loved. Exposure alone will not create a strong following however: it is the companies dedication to innovation in the field of sports supplements that keep it ahead of its competitors. BSN Nutrition Supplements have received more than 25 consumer-voted awards in the past 5 years: more than any other muscle supplement company can claim to have achieved. BSN also holds strong ties with the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) brand and is recognized as a supporter of some of the most advanced athletes in the world today. Associated athletes include Ronnie Coleman, Forrest Griffin, and Trey Brewer, all of whom are professionals at the top of their game.

To achieve any level of success in your exercise regimes you must first ensure you create an adaptive regime: Your body responds to a stimulus which increases gains. The concept of BSN No Xplode lies in offering an energy surge which increases your ability to incite further overload. In this Article, we will be looking at the active ingredients in BSN No Xplode: a product which is currently the top selling pre-workout formula in the world! What are the compounds which have propelled BSN NO Xplode to the number 1 spot? Let’s have a look.

L-Arginine has many functions within the human body. It is used in the creation of creatine, glutamine, and L-Proline and can also be converted to Glycogen if needed. It is also an amino acid that is a precursor to nitric oxide, a compound which dilates (opens) the blood vessels to allow more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the muscle tissue. By bonding L-arginine to AKG, the conversion to nitric oxide is enhanced, maximizing nitric oxide levels in the blood. L-Arginine is also involved in protein synthesis and stimulates the release of human growth hormone. Recent studies suggest that whilst L-Arginine can aid in increasing lean muscle mass the main positive benefits line in creating augmented energy levels.

An amino acid that is important in several metabolic functions: it regulates cell volume, insulin sensitivity and is an antioxidant. Taurine helps with the uptake of glucose into the muscle cells. Taurine also reduces oxidative stress and supports exercise performance by reducing fatigue, improving mood and endurance. Taurine is a common ingredient in many ‘energy drinks’ available today, including Red Bull and Monster. The true effects of Taurine are still being studied, but many users report increases in energy and levels of alertness.

A proprietary blend of four advanced creatine analogs and Beta-Alanine designed to increase creatine transport, uptake and effectiveness, leading to accelerated muscle recovery and hydrogen ion buffering.

A conditionally essential amino acid and precursor to the catecholamines (epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine). The consumption of caffeine releases these catecholamines, which are involved in regulation of neuromuscular performance, mood, focus and alertness (L-Tyrpsine is commonly used in many stress and anti-depressant medicines). Replenishment of these catecholamines through tyrosine supplementation prevents a crash from ingestion of caffeine.

Caffeine is a stimulant to the central nervous system in human. Caffeine is also a well-established cognitive and neuromuscular performance enhancer, particularly for short-duration, high-intensity exercise. Caffeine can also have a diuretic affect to those not used to its compounds, hence drinking sufficient water is essential when consuming any caffeine derived products, particularly when exercising.

Creatine is one of your bodies key energy systems for short burst training intensity, though its potency has been debated since the 1970′s. During short burst intensive training you body uses Adenosine Tri-Phosphate as its preferred energy source. ATP as it is more commonly known consists of three phosphate molecules. The creation of energy is attained when one of these phosphate molecule split from the compound creating a energy stimulating reaction. This leave your muscle filled with ADP (Adenosine Di-Phospahte), a dual molecule compound. Creatine Monohydrate contains and extra Phosphate molecule, which when stored in your muscle attaches to ADP to create further ATP. The result is an ability to complete more repetitions during the short cycle. Whether Creatine is an affective tool for training harder or simply a mere placebo, many experts swear by the results it can offer. Creatine can also be found naturally in most Red meats.

BSN’s newest proprietary blend is designed to increase water and lipid solubility of creatine. Not only has BSN increased water and lipophilicity, hydrogen ion buffering has also been addressed with the addition of Beta-Alanine. Recent research indictates that the “burning” sensation of muscular fatigue may not be simply lactic acid accumulation, but also a proliferation of hydrogen ions; a metabolic by-product. Beta-Alanine supplementation increases the production of carnosine, a dipeptide known to buffer lactic acid accumulation and neutralize hydrogen ions. Thus by combining a fat and water soluble creatine with Beta Alanine, it enables the creatine to function beyond its normal rate limiting system, leading to superior absorption and effectiveness.

Exercise professionals around the world have been using BSN NO Xplode with varying results. If you are looking for a way to improve your training session it is recommended you try the product to witness the effects for yourself.